Education & Family

How women students put a rocket up Cambridge

An exhibition marks the long struggle for women to get degrees from Cambridge University.

Student housing failures 'deeply concerning'

The universities minister calls for action as wave of private student housing is still unfinished.

Families lose challenge over special-needs funding

The claim of three families there was a crisis in Send funding is dismissed at the High Court.

High Court to rule on special-needs funding challenge

The legal action has been brought by three children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Empty nest syndrome: The unexpected grief

Parents whose children have left home question why no-one told them it would hurt so much.

Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools exam errors: 'Solution...

Pupils who took the 11-Plus exam last month will have the last six questions discounted.

Sex education classes could be compulsory in Wales

The education minister says she is minded to make sex education and religious education compulsory.

Sex education: Right to remove pupils from class set to...

The education minister is "minded" to make "appropriate" sex and relationship classes compulsory.

'Should I dump my girlfriend before uni?'

It's your first term at university, but you have a boyfriend or girlfriend from home. Is it the end?

Music school pupil abused by violin teacher at 15

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse hears evidence from former music school pupils.

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