Cookie monster eats data from Sesame Street store

Malicious software has been stealing credit card details from thousands of online stores, say researchers.

Call of Duty breaks records as publisher faces Hong Kong...

The game's developer has become embroiled in controversy over the political crisis in Hong Kong.

Logan Paul: Japan was my biggest fight

YouTuber Logan Paul says he 'hit himself in the face a year and a half ago' when he filmed a dead body in a Japanese forest

PlayStation 5 to launch by Christmas 2020

The long-awaited new generation Sony games console will be released at the end of next year.

Fortnite-maker settles lawsuit against cheat-seller

Epic Games had sought damages from the seller, who is 14.

Could blacklisting China's AI champions backfire?

The US move to restrict trade with Chinese AI firms could encourage them to be more independent.

Adobe shuts down Photoshop in Venezuela

Users in the country have until the end of the month to save any work they have in their Adobe accounts.

Hearthstone gamer banned for Hong Kong protest

The ban means pro-gamer Blitzchung will not be allowed to play Hearthstone for 12 months.

US blacklists Chinese surveillance and AI firms

The US Commerce Department says the 28 Chinese groups are "implicated in human rights violations".

Julia Gillard: Abuse of women online 'disproportionate'

Ex-Australian PM Julia Gillard welcomes work done in Wales during a visit to her country of birth.

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